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"Absolutely the Best Intern Experience"

"My internship with Blessed Properties was one of the most helpful experiences with respect to Real Estate. At Blessed Properties we went above and beyond what was taught in class. I had hands on practice preparing different contracts and associated forms used in various transactions. I was able to shadow the Broker outside the office, receiving training on open houses, property inspections, and closings to name a few.
I also had the opportunity to practice with the most current technology that active agents use i.e. MLS Innovia, Zip Forms and Realist. During my internship Mr. Purifoy was available to assist in person, as well as email and phone. This was a great benefit to me. I never felt like I was wondering aimlessly, when I had a question. Knowledge was gleaned from the broker on a daily basis and he had no problem pulling up a seat and working by me side. Mr. Purifoy was always up to speed on the most up to date happenings concerning Real Estate. He was always willing to share the knowledge and ensure I understood the information and task at hand. This was absolutely the best internship experience. It definitely helped me prepare for the the Real Estate world..
Thank you..."

Dominicke Brewer

"Great Learning Experience"

"My time spent at Blessed Properties working as an intern was a priceless experience and a great investment for my future. Starting from my first day until my last Mr. Purifoy kept me busy. I must admit in the beginning I was intimidated by all the new information and the fast pace schedule. Nonetheless in the end the challenge of completing several different tasks throughout my internship has paid off. Mr. Purifoy consistently answered any questions that I had in a prompt fashion and always made himself available. If I had chosen to take the easy route and pick a broker that would not be in the office every day and would not challenge me, I would not have gained the fundamental knowledge about my profession and would be prone to making several costly mistakes. Practice makes perfect and I was able to practice filling out countless contracts, addendum's and CMA’s for several different properties. Mr. Purifoy provided access to key webpages every real estate salesperson would be using such as the MLS, innovia, Zip forms and BELL CAD. This hands on experience would not be available in any classrooms. Interning at Blessed Properties was a great learning experience."

A’lexus Crawford

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