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Real Estate Education Information

  • Texas Real Estate Commission School Information
  • TREC Course numbers
  • Salesperson Pre-license Requirements
  • Broker Pre-license Requirements
  • Salesperson Annual Education (SAE) Requirements
  • Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

Salesperson Pre-license Requirements

180 Hours of core approved Education

  • Law of Agency - 30 Hours
  • Law of Contracts - 30 Hours
  • Principles of Real Estate I - 30 Hours
  • Principles of Real Estate II - 30 Hours
  • Real Estate Finance - 30 Hours
  • Promulgated Contract Forms - 30 hours
  • Legal Update I - 4 hours
  • Legal Update II - 4 hours

Note: Credit will not be awarded for completion of the same course within a two year period.

Salesperson Annual Education (SAE) Requirements

30-90 hours based on when license was received.

  • If you were licensed before September 1st, 2012 and are renewing for the first time, you must take two 30-hour core Texas SAE courses. ◦any two 30-hour core approved course that you have not taken before will meet this requirement.
  • If you were licensed after September 1st, 2012, you must take three 30-hour core Texas SAE courses during the first two year of licensure. ◦any three 30-hour core approved course that you have not taken before will meet this requirement

Broker Education Requirements

A broker or a designated broker of a business entity, who sponsor one or more sales agents during their current license period or a delegated supervisor of one or more license holders for a period of six months or more during the supervisors current license period, must also attend a 6 hour Continuing Education (CE) Broker Responsibility course.

  • Broker Responsibility - 6 hours
  • Legal Update I - 4 hours
  • Legal Update II - 4 hours
  • Any approved CE Courses - 4 hours

Note: Course credit will not be given for attendance at the same course more than once during the term of the current license.

6 Steps to a Texas Real Estate License

Have you ever considered getting a real estate license in Texas? You can now get your real estate license in Texas in 6 simple steps. Sign up today and take a step towards your new career.

Step 1

Take the required real estate license courses. Estimated time to Complete: 3 - 6 Weeks

The following 6 courses are required by TREC for anyone who seeks to earn a Texas Real Estate License:

  • Principles I
  • Principles II
  • Law of Agency
  • Law of Contracts
  • Finance I
  • Promulgated Contract Forms

Step 2

Submit Your Real Estate License Application to TREC. Estimated time to Complete: 7 - 10 Days for Approval.

Once you have completed your courses gather all of your course completion certificates and go to and click on My License Services (look for the image to the right at the top of the TREC page). From there, follow the directions to sign up as a registered user and complete the application form. Pay the application fee of $205 (+ $10.00 Recovery Trust Account) and send the receipt along with your certificates of completion to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via fax to 512-936-3863. If you already have a sponsoring broker, have him or her sign the Broker Representation form, sign yourself and send along to TREC. This can be completed and sent to TREC at any time but you will not be able to gain your license until you have a sponsoring Broker.

Step 3

Sign Up to Take the Prep Course. Estimated time to Complete: 2 Days

Once you have submitted your application to TREC, it can take as long as four weeks for them to review your application and education. At this time sign up to take your prep course. You will be able to repeat the prep course again if you are not prepared or if you’d like a refresher before taking the state and national exams.

Step 4

Sign Up for the State Exam with Pearson Vue. Estimated time to Complete: 7 to 10 Days.

Once you receive the approval letter from TREC, you will have to sign up to the state exam at a Pearson Vue Testing Center. You can do so by going to or call them at 800-997-1248. The exam fee is $54 and must be paid at the time of reservation by credit card, debit card, voucher, or electronic check. You must pass both exams with at least a 70% to obtain your license. At this time, you will also have to get fingerprinted ($31.50). Fingerprints can be taken at some of the Pearson Vue testing centers.

Step 5

Wait for your Sponsoring Broker to Receive Your License. Once you pass your exams, post the information to our Facebook page (Blessed Properties) to let us know! Your sponsoring Broker will be the one to receive the license in the mail. If you do not have a sponsoring broker at that time, TREC will hold onto your license until you find one.

Step 6

Complete Your Salesperson Annual Education (SAE) by the End of Your Second Year of Licensure.

New agents are required to complete 90 additional hours of Salesperson Annual Education (SAE) by the time that their license expires for the first time. This SAE requirement consists of three 30-hour core courses to be completed by the end of your second year of being licensed.

Be sure to submit all of your course completion certificates to TREC via Fax 512-936-3863(preferred) or Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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