Blessed Properties School of Real Estate “Enhancing the Central Texas Realtor Community One Student At A Time”

The Institution

Blessed Properties School of Real Estate is located in the beautiful city of Killeen, Texas. We are one of the fastest growing Real Estate Education Institutions in Central Texas. Our motto is simple:“Enhancing the Central Texas Realtor Community One Student At A Time” BP SoRE believes that by enhancing the Real Estate Professional’s community, we will in turn enhance our local communities as a whole. We strive to provide an environment that is rooted in excellence and built on a foundation of integrity and high values. It is our sincere hope that we instill these traits into every student who crosses the threshold into our learning institution.

The Director and Founder

Mr. Patrick Purifoy has been a Real Estate Professional since 2005. He became interested in real estate after a realtor treated him and his wife badly on the purchase of their first Home. It was then that he and his wife decided that he could treat and care for people much better than they were treated. Buying a home (1st home) is such a monumental endeavor and should be treated with much care, dignity and respect. Patrick is always striving to become better and do well in all that God has called and and anointed him to be and to do. In this endeavor, Mr. Purifoy founded Blessed Properties Real Estate Agency, where he is the Broker and Owner. He has been lauded for his fast rise within the Real Estate community and the success of BP. After a few years, Patrick identified a void in his community. He understood the need for a TREC Certified Real Estate School in the Fort Hood/Killeen area. From this vision, BP SoRE was birthed. Mr. Purifoy is a visionary, as well as a leader within the Central Texas Real Estate community!

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